SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017

"The Puerto Rico Immediate Decolonization Act 012017," provides for the holding af a plebiscite on Sunday, June 11, 2017. This Act provides that any citizen who meets the requirements af this Act and the Puerto Rico Election Act sha ll be considered qualified voters, that ¡s, to be a citizen af the United States af America and af Puerto Rico; to have a legal residence in the jurisdiction af Puerto Rico, to be eighteen (18) years af age by the date ofthe Plebiscite; to be duly qualified as su eh befare the holding af the plebiscite, and have not been declared menta lly ¡ncompetent by a Caurt. Interested citizens, including new voters, who need to carry out any transaction in the general voter registry shall have until April 28, 2017, to update their voting status, restore their registration, or register to vote in the Plebistite. Furthermore, if vote rs so need, the aforementioned date shall be the deadline for requesting transfers, or relocations, as well as Absentee Ballot, Early Ballot, Accessible Polling Place at Home, or Accessible Polling Place at the Polling Center. Permanent Registration Boards (PRB) of the State Election Commission in each election precinct and/or municipality shall be open to the public to conduct all of these transactlons during regular business hours from March 11th to April 28th , 2017.


FIRST: On Sunday, June 11, 2017, a "Plebiscite on the Immediate Decolonization of Puerto Rico" shall be held in every election precinct of Puerto Rico, and all voters enrolled in polítical parties, unenrolled voters, citizen groups, political action committees, and titizens in general are hereby called to participate therein.

SECOND: The voting process shall be conducted in "open polling places" from eight o'dock in the morning (8:00 am to three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 p.m.). A single ballot paper will be used with "Statehood", "Free Association I lndependence" and "Current Territorial Status" as alternatives for political status. Such alternatives of political status are not inconsistent with the Constitution, laws and policies of the United States of America, according to the Federal Justice Department. This Plebiscite follows the conditions set forth by the Federal Congress and the President through Public law 113·76, "Consolidated Appropriations Act (2014)"; the congressional report corresponding to that Federal law; and the position of the Un ited States Department of Justice, as expressed on April 13, 2017.

THIRD: Once the results of this Plebiscite are certified by the State Election Commission, should the "Statehood" option be favored by a majority vote, the Act provides that a transition process shall begin forthwith to admit Puerto Rico into the Union with equal rights and obligations as an other states. Should the "Free Association/lndependence" option be favored by a majority vote, the Act provides that a Referendum shall be automatically called for October 8, 2017, in which voters shall only be able to choose between options that provide for sovereignty separated from the United States by means of a voluntary treaty of "Free Association" with the United States, or "Independence."

FOURTH: The same electronic canvassing system used in the General Election held on November, 8, 2016, as provided in Resolution CEE·RS·l S·21 approved on October, 30, 2015, shall be used for this Plebiscite. Said system shall be capable of tallying votes easily, securely, and reliably with security and audlting mechanisms that ensure transparency of the voting process.

In accordance with the provisions of the Election Act, the presentation ofthe Voter Identification Card and the inking of a finger shall be required to vote. Likewise, every Voter Identification Cards issued by the date of the Plebistite shall be valid, regardless of the expiration date thereof.

SIXTH: In accordance with the Election Act, the Commission shall guarantee the right to request an Absentee Ballot and Early Ballot to all voters domiciled in Puerto Rico who qualify therefor and have made 5uch request on or before April, 28, 2017, as provided in this Act for qualified voters.

SEVENTH: The State Election Commission shall prescribe mea sures or remedies in oroer to guarantee the right to vote of any voter who, by reasons beyond his control, was unduly omitted from the General Voter Registry.

EIGHTH: In accordance with Section 6.001 of the Election Act, no public or private employer shall prevent employees from exercising their right to vote; and the "Dry law" shall only apply from eight o'clock in the morning (8:00 a.m.) to three o'clock in the afternoon (3:00 p.m.) on June 11, 2017, as provided in Section 12.021 of the Election Act.

NINTH: As part of the efforts to educate and inform citizens and voters on the scope of this Act and on the election processes related to this Proclamation, beginning on Fe bruary 21, 2017, the Commission shall provide a space on its webpage ( entitled "Puerto Rico Immediate Decolonization Act of 2017." follow suit.